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Gojira & Kosak - Go go gadget breaks
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Gojira hit the silent electronic music scene as a producer with his friend Kosak a couple of years ago, when making their debut in the Vienna Days in Bucharest" in 2004. The two fuse a wide range of styles from idm and experimental to techno and electro, bringing to the mixer many of their own productions. As a duo, Gojira and Kosak, both in their early twenties, performed live on various occasions among which TMbase 2004, AVmotional or Peninsula Festival, a to reach their musical peak in the opening of Faithless in 2005 and in London in 2006.G & K have also undertaken various projects in cooperation with domestic musicians such as Timpuri Noi and Da Hood, with the first materials signed Gojira & Kosak expected in the very near future.

As a Dj Gojira is very well known for being one of the most charismatic dj in Romania playing various styles from electro and techno to break-beat
and he played among Adam Freeland, Annie Nightingale, Dj Food, Plump Djs, Stanton Warriors, Slyde, Soul of Man, Ed Solo, Aquasky and Black Sun Empire.


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